Creativity, Education, Affect, and Reasoning Lab

Psychological and Cognitive Sciences and Learning Science and Technology

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Welcome to the CEDAR Lab!

The CEDAR Lab launched in 2021 under the direction of Dr. Stacy Shaw. The CEDAR Lab conducts research on creative and flexible thinking in mathematics, reasoning of complex concepts, and how student experiences shape thinking and learning in STEM education. Our lab uses experimental methods, observational data, learning analytics, and qualitative methodologies in an effort to better understand teaching and learning in STEM subjects.


Upcoming -- September 28th 2021-- Stacy will be on a critical conversations panel on Science & Creativity for WPI’s Arts and Sciences week

August 2021 -- Alena Egorova, Andrew McReynolds, and Kirk Vanacore join the CEDAR lab as incoming Ph.D. graduate students! Welcome!

August 2021 -- Stacy is a part of a research team that was collectively awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to study common errors students make on short-answer math questions. (PI - Andrew Lan, MIT, $374,775; Co-PI Neil Heffernan, Co-PI Stacy Shaw, WPI, $239,307; PI- Cristina Heffernan, ASSITments Foundation, $235,639).

June 2021 -- Chayanne joins the CEDAR Lab as Lab Manager, welcome!

April 2021 -- Stacy participated in the faculty lightning talks for WPI’s Arts and Science Week, a recording can be found here.